• Registered nurse for more than 20 years.
  • Worked for years in the area of Occupational Health, including Workers Compensation,
    Light Duty and Restricted work assignments, Job task analysis to comply with doctor’s orders, etc.
  • Worked for years as an RN Supervisor for the State of Minnesota in a state-run mental health facility.
  • Additional work experience in Public Health, Correctional Facility Health, and as a campus nurse for a local community college.

  • Credentials:

  • BA in Nursing
  • MA in Management
  • BA in Journalism / Public Relations

  • Professional Certifications:

  • Graduate of a nationally recognized Legal Nurse Consultant training program
  • Certified as an Occupational Health Nurse by the ABOHN
  • Certified as a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse by the AANC